About Us

ARC For Nepal is a nonprofit organization driven by a passionate commitment to create a positive impact on communities in Nepal. Through our unwavering dedication to cultural preservation, education support, and social empowerment, we aim to pave the way for a brighter future for Nepal and its people.



Our mission at ARC For Nepal is to make a lasting and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities across Nepal. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, ensuring our traditions thrive for generations to come. Through the educational support provided, students are empowered with the access to the knowledge and skills necessary for personal growth and development. Additionally, we strive to foster social education to promote inclusivity, equality, and awareness to build stronger and more vibrant communities.



  • Cultural Preservation: Safeguard and promote Nepal’s rich cultural and religious heritage through local and international events and activities that celebrate and preserve its traditions.
  • Educational Support: Improve educational infrastructure and enhance access to education to disadvantaged students through scholarships, grants, and resources.
  • Social Support: Address needs of underprivileged individuals in the community to foster inclusivity and equality that allow the community to become more resilient.
  • Community Building: Strengthen community bonds within Nepal and the United States, fostering unity, understanding, and collaboration among individuals of Nepali origin.
  • Natural Disaster Response: Respond swiftly and compassionately to natural disasters in Nepal, offering critical relief and support to affected communities during their time of need.


  • Cultural Preservation:
    • Collect and preserve Nepal’s cultural artifacts, including clothing, music, art, and literature.
    • Conduct workshops and seminars on Nepali culture, history, and traditions to foster cultural understanding and awareness.
    • Preserve and maintain the rich religious traditions of Nepal through temple renovation and restoration projects.
  • Community Building:
    • Facilitate cultural exchange programs between Nepal and the United States.
    • Establish a strong network of Nepali Americans and friends of Nepal who share a passion for promoting and preserving Nepali culture.
  • Educational Support:
    • Provide educational scholarships and grants to the less fortunate in the global Nepali community.
    • Fundraising for school initiatives to provide additional educational resources and supplies for local schools in the community.
  • Social Support:
    • Collaborate with local organizations to implement social welfare projects and initiatives.
    • Promote awareness and advocacy for social issues affecting Nepali communities, working towards positive change
  • Natural Disaster Response
    • Provide disaster relief and support to Nepali communities affected by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and storms.
    • Conduct emergency response efforts, including providing immediate aid, first aid collections, and assistance with rebuilding
      schools and temples.

Transforming Rural Education, Nirmal Janasewa Secondary School Upgrade Project

Nirmal Janasewa Secondary School, my former school located in my village Triveni Parvat in Nepal, from where I graduated grade 10 back in 1986.
Currently, we are working to improve the school’s overall quality of educations for all attending students.
Pictured: Former President of the Board of Education & former students of the high school.