Quality Education

Quality Education

ARC For Nepal has established a high-yield savings account for the following schools and colleges, ensuring they have additional funds to support their operation. While the principal amount stays in the bank, the interest it generates goes to the functioning of the school monthly.

Here are the current amounts allocated:
1. Jana Sewa Sanskrit Secondary School Paiyun Hatia Parbat Nepal: US $1370.00 (NRs 1,70,000)
2. Nirmal Janasewa Secondary School, Tribeni Parbat Nepal:  US $1209.00 (NRs 1,50,000)
3. Huwas Multiple Campus, Paiyun Hatia Parbat Nepal: US$ 403.00  (NRs 50,000)

In the context of the Nepali economy, these modest dollar amounts make a significant difference.

The educational landscape of rural Nepal faces low attendance rates and alarming dropout rates among students. Children, especially from marginalized and local communities struggle to have access to quality education due to their socioeconomic barriers. Recognizing the status quo, we have implemented a groundbreaking initiative: monetary incentives for students!

While the concept of incentivizing attendance and performance may seem unconventional, we have seen tremendous results from the introduction of the “Rajendra Anjana incentive award”. By providing financial motivation we have seen higher attendance and academic excellence from the students. The monetary incentive acts as a catalyst to empower students and encourage them to overcome obstacles and realize their full potential.

Students from Jana Sewa Sanskrit Secondary School, Paiyun Hatiya, and or Nirmal Jana Sewa Secondary School Paiyun Tribeni who can rank either or 2nd in Parbat district are awarded the following amounts:

1st    US $605.00 (NRs 75,000)
2nd  US $403.00 (NRs 50,000)

In rural communities of Nepal, successfully completing a bachelor’s degree without failing in any subject is a challenging feat. Students from Huwas Multiple Campus who can pass their bachelor’s degree without failing in any subject are rewarded with:

  • US $806.00 (NRs 1,00,000) each for 3 students.

However, if students have failed in subjects in their first three years but can pass their 4th year of education without failing in any subject, they are awarded:

  • US $323.00 (NRs 40,000) each for 5 students.

For someone can rank the highest in the Gandaki Province, their award goes up to the amount of:

  • US $1612.00 (NRs 2,00,000)

These monetary incentives have proven to have a substantial impact on the lives of students as well as their families. Your support would help us continue this initiative and expand this into more schools so that the rural community can pursue education without financial burden holding them back. Together, we can empower the youth of rural Nepal and give them access to opportunities that can foster a brighter future for generations to come.

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